Signs of a Dying Tree You Should Watch Out For

Are you wondering if you have a dying tree in your yard? Knowing when to remove plants or trees that aren’t healthy is essential to maintain a better environment. Hernandez Complete Tree Service is a tree service company in Alexandria, VA, that can help you with all of your tree needs.

We offer different services, ranging from trimming to removing. Our team of experienced arborists will help you with any tree service to help you keep your yard looking clean and beautiful. 

If you have a dying tree, we will help remove it and ensure your land is healthy. Look for the following signs of a dying tree to know when it’s time to call for professional help.

1) Brown Leaf Veins

The color of a leaf vein signifies the health of a tree. Leaf veins move sap from the plant’s system and into the leaves. Brown leaf veins mean the tree needs more water and should get help quickly. 

2) Wilting

A wilting tree means that the tree is suffering from not getting enough water. Wilting is one of the most common symptoms of a dying tree.

3) Falling Leaves

Tree leaves falling prematurely or leaves having brown edges and being smaller signals the tree is struggling to survive. If leaves fall before the changing of seasons, the tree doesn’t have enough energy to grow and maintain its leaves. 

4) Decay

A sick tree will have fungi or mushrooms growing on the surface. Any signs of decay mean the tree is dying.

5) Losing a Significant Amount of Leaves

A dying tree will have fewer leaves compared to a healthier tree of the same size.

6) Brown and Brittle Cracks or Barks

Cracks cause structural damage to the tree, making it weaker and prone to barks coming off. This will make the tree vulnerable and easier to break, especially during storms. 

7) Dead Wood

Healthy trees may have a few dead branches or wood, but it doesn’t automatically mean they are dying trees. A simple pruning session can revive them. However, if dead wood spreads throughout the tree and is not reviving, it may mean the tree is dying. 

8) Root Damage

Root damage can create a dying tree. Some signs of root damage include dead branches, poor growth, thinning foliage, and more.

9) Failing the Scratch Test

Beneath the layer of bark on any tree species, there is a cambium layer. On a dying tree, the cambium layer is dry and brown. You can check the layer using a knife or your fingernail to tear off a piece of the bark.

10) Pests

Pests like carpenter ants or bark beetles prefer to live in dying trees. Any tree disease will attract insects, so if you notice the pests in a tree, it may signal the tree is dying.

11) Bent or Leaning Structure

A leaning or bent tree means that the root is not strong enough. A weakened tree root can cause trees to fall or bend far enough that reviving will not be possible.

Hernandez Complete Tree Service helps with emergencies, tree pruning, removal, and storm clean-up. Our team is passionate about helping customers maintain their trees and yard. 

We are a licensed and insured company, and our prices are affordable. We strive to give all of our customers the best service, our arborists ensuring each job is of the highest quality.

Do you need more help with a dying tree or maintaining your healthy trees? Learn more about tree topping from this short guide.

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