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Don’t know where to get started when it comes to mulching? Need mulching in Bryans Road, MD, but don’t know who to call? At Hernandez Complete Tree Solutions, we can help! Call us at [phone number] for all your mulching needs. Now serving Southern MD and Northern VA.

Mulching is such an important part of lawn care, especially since changes in the seasons can have negative effects on your plants and trees. If you’ve been looking at your yard and thinking there’s something missing, but you’re not sure what it is, mulch may be the answer. Not only does mulch give your yard a nicer, more appealing look,  but it also has a few other benefits to it, including lawn protection, moisture retention, and weed prevention.

At Hernandez Complete Tree Solutions, we’re the tree service that does it all—including mulching in Bryans Road, MD. Let us provide you with mulch made of high-quality organic materials and let our team of experts make your lawn look great and stay healthy.

Why Do You Need Mulching in Southern MD and Northern VA?

We’ve all seen plants and trees surrounded by a bed of mulch and thought to ourselves, “That landscaping looks great!” But did you know that mulch does a lot more than make your lawn look pretty? Mulching actually provides some great benefits for your lawn, especially if you live in the Southern MD and Northern VA areas.

So what, exactly, are the benefits of mulching?

  • Mulching protects plants from weather – Changes in the weather can be a challenge for plants and trees. Too much heat can dry up your plants, while too much cold weather can stress your plants and push the roots out of the soil. Mulch helps prevent root damage caused by cold weather by acting as a blanket for the surrounding soil. In warmer months, this blanket helps protect the soil from too much sun exposure helping the soil keep its nutrients.
  • Mulching can deter weeds – When you place a layer of mulch over the soil surface of your yard, it creates a barrier that inhibits weed growth. Weeds that begin to form will quickly cease to exist because they have little to no exposure to the sun.
  • Mulching retains soil moisture – Because drier weather can cause dry soil, having a layer of mulch is one of the best things you can do. Mulching traps moisture, keeping the soil nutrient-rich and healthy.

While mulching has quite a long list of benefits for your lawn, making sure you have the right amount and spreading the mulch evenly throughout your yard can be quite a chore. Let us save you time and hassle.

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Whether you’re looking for mulching in Bryans Road, MD, to keep your home aesthetic in pristine condition, you want to keep your lawn healthy all year round with organic material—or you want to have both—our team at Hernandez Complete Tree Solutions is here to help. Give us a call at 240-299-4639. One of our lawn care experts will take care of your lawn.