Does Cutting Down Trees Increase Property Value?

Homeowners often wonder, “Does cutting down trees increase property value?” The answer depends on multiple factors, including the health and location of your trees. Always contact Waldorf’s tree service contractors for comprehensive tree health assessments, trimming and pruning services, and help understanding the best strategies for growing happy trees. 

Growing trees remain one of the easiest, most cost-effective methods for improving the curb appeal and value of your property. Gorgeous White Oak, Black Cherry, and Flowering Dogwood trees produce breathtaking canopies guaranteed to impress potential homebuyers. Tree service experts can help you determine the best species of trees for your soil type, landscape, and weather conditions. 

Please continue reading to learn if cutting down your trees will increase your property value. Easy-to-follow tree care tips can help you maximize the return on investment of your residential or commercial property. 

Importance of Tree Care Services

Aimlessly pruning roots, cutting overhanging branches, and making incisions in the branch collar may leave trees unhealthy and diseased. Professional arborists wield the knowledge and experience to maintain your trees carefully and effectively. 

The benefits of professional tree care services include the following: 

  • Longer tree lifespan 
  • Improved air quality 
  • Increased property value 
  • Reduced safety concerns 
  • Supports healthy flora and fauna 

A dying tree may attract unwanted pests and wood-boring insects to your garden, home, and landscape. Common signs of dying trees include cracked bark, included bark, dual trunk growth, dying branches, and moss growth at the base of your trees. Refrain from DIY tree-cutting projects and call licensed professionals for all your landscaping needs.

Will Cutting Down Trees Increase My Property Value in Waldorf, MD?

So, does cutting down trees increase property value? Experts recommend removing dying trees from your property to increase the value of your property. Dying trees pose a severe safety risk and may fall on roofs, structures, pedestrians, and windows. Other factors to consider when determining which tree on your property to remove include the following: 

Leaning Trees

Healthy mature trees withstand blustering winds and grow straight up from a single trunk; however, leaning trees may collapse during inclement weather conditions. Remove any leaning trees from your property to increase your property value and protect your family and property from harm. 

Tree Location 

Trees planted in close proximity to structures pose danger to sewage lines, foundations, siding, and soil health. Subsidence caused by tree species erodes soil health and may reduce the structural integrity of your home. Expansive root systems can enter small gaps in concrete foundations and cause flooding, air gaps, moisture damage, and hazardous mold growth. 

Plant trees at least 20 feet away from your home and promptly remove any trees planted too close to structures. Potential homebuyers may prove reluctant to deal with the costs, stresses, and complications of invasive trees next to your home. 

Dying Trees 

Dying trees significantly reduce property value. Wood-boring insects, such as carpenter ants and termites, will easily migrate from dying trees into your home. Expert arborists offer affordable tree removal services designed to beautify landscapes and reduce liabilities for homeowners. 

Trees improving from rot damage, nutrient deficiencies, or lightning strikes may need time to absorb adequate nutrients. Before charging your chainsaw and undertaking dangerous tree-cutting projects, contact local tree experts in Waldorf. 

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