Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Mulch?

Mulch is one of the best amendments to add to your garden. It helps the soil retain moisture while providing essential nutrients plants need to grow and stay healthy. However, sometimes mushrooms grow in mulch, causing Bryans Road residents to ask themselves, “Why are mushrooms growing in my mulch?”

Fortunately, Hernandez Complete Tree Service is here to tell you everything you need to know about mushrooms growing in mulch.

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Why Do Mushrooms Grow in Mulch?

Mushrooms are very adaptable and grow in all types of mulch over time, transforming beautiful gardens into unsightly plots of land. Mulch contains numerous organic materials that help plants thrive during spring and summer, making it an ideal place for fungal growth. Since mushrooms are fungal fruits, they often sprout in mulch and soil once fungus develops.

Excess moisture often exacerbates fungal and mushroom growth, making it difficult to resolve during the rainy spring season. Again, mulch helps soil retain moisture, creating a damp environment perfect for mushrooms and water-loving plants.

It’s important to note that mushroom growth often indicates healthy soil and mulch, so don’t worry if you spot a few sprouts. Fungal growth within mulch is very common and ensures you have quality garden amendments for your plants and trees. However, it’s best to eliminate mushrooms quickly to preserve your garden’s appearance and make room for other vegetation.

How to Prevent Mushroom Growth in Mulch

One of the most common questions professional landscapers receive is, “Why are mushrooms growing in my mulch, and how can I prevent it?” Fortunately, preventing mushroom growth isn’t difficult once you know what steps to take. Below are a few tips for preventing mushroom growth in mulch.

Frequently Stir the Mulch

Frequently stirring mulch will prevent mushroom mycelium from taking hold. It stops stabilization and prevents established fungi from reaching the surface. Regularly stir the top portion of the mulch (about one to two inches) to prevent stabilization and growth. 

Allow the Mulch to Dry

Since mushrooms need a lot of moisture to grow and thrive, allowing the mulch to dry out before watering will prevent growth. However, you don’t want the mulch to dry completely since your plants need water for photosynthesis. Only allow the first few inches to dry out to hinder mushroom growth without dehydrating your plants.

Add Worms to the Soil

Worms eat mushroom mycelium and help reduce growth in mulch gardens. They also fertilize your garden over time, giving you healthy soil without adding additional amendments. Worms and other beneficial insects can do wonders for gardens, creating living soil that provides countless advantages for your plants.

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