What Does an Arborist Do and How Can They Help?

Trees offer shade, natural habitats, and wood for the winter. However, tree planting, caring, and removal need special attention. You may have heard of arborists or tree professionals in your area. So, what does an arborist do, and what can they do for you?

Read on to learn more about what a tree service professional in Brandywine, MD, does and their services.

What an Arborist Does

The term arborist refers to an individual who has mastered the science of arboriculture. They are your top choice of professionals to consult for all things related to trees and shrubberies.

To earn the distinction of being a professional arborist, one must undergo extensive training. Furthermore, one must stay updated with the latest tree care technology to remain certified. 

A search for local tree professionals shows different results. However, you need to be vigilant and ensure you contract certified, bonded, and insured professionals. This assurance takes the doubt out of your project and gives you the best value for money.

Here are the services offered by arborists:

Tree Pruning

Anyone can take a chainsaw and chop up excess tree branches. However, removing tree branches can be hazardous to an untrained individual and damage property.

Unprofessional tree pruning also leaves your trees with scars, affecting their health, and can kill them. With a tree professional doing the pruning, you can rest assured your project is in capable hands and that your property will be safe.

Professional arborists are well versed in the craft and will tell whether your tree needs pruning. This professionalism saves you time and money since an arborist plans the best pruning times for specific species.

Tree Removal Services

The tree removal process is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It involves the complete removal of a tree, including the roots, as merely cutting the upper part doesn’t guarantee a tree won’t grow again.

If you have a tree on your property that needs removal, you might require a permit. By consulting with a tree professional, you can be sure to save time, avoid damages, and remove the tree entirely.

Tree Planting Services

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, some tree species will do well in specific areas, while others won’t. Knowing the right species to buy is essential as you shop for tree species and shrubberies.

This knowledge will help you avoid planting species that are not suitable for your garden. Tree care companies will help select the plants that do well in your area, take care of the planting, and issue you the best maintenance practices.

Emergency Services

Natural calamities are unforeseen and sometimes bring damage to trees. If you have faced a recent situation threatening the integrity of your tree’s existence, a tree doctor is your best bet.

Natural calamities also include pests and diseases that may be spreading in your region. Tree professionals versed in tree care assess the looming risks and offer emergency solutions. They also guide you on the best steps to mitigate these risks to ensure the tree survives.

Tree Care Services

The art of planting and growing trees is not limited to watering and pruning. Instead, a tree needs more attention to ensure it can fight off diseases and overcome drastic weather changes.

Who can do the maintenance tasks other than professional arborists? By choosing to work with a certified tree company, you can be sure to give your trees the care they need.

Your Reputed Tree Care Service in Brandywine, MD

Professional arborists are the people to consult when having tree issues. Knowing what an arborist does and their services can help you make the right call when you need tree care services.

Here are signs that a tree is healthy and the proper steps to follow. Furthermore, you can contact the Hernandez Complete Tree Service team at 240-299-4639 to schedule our tree care services or get a free quote.