How Do You Know If You Have a Sick Tree

Recognizing the signs of a sick tree can save you a lot of hassle and time in the long run. Unhealthy trees can cause various issues for your lawn and home, so knowing how to identify a sick tree allows you to be proactive, keeping your family and property safe. 

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Signs of a Sick Tree 

Below are the most common signs of a sick three that you should be able to recognize.

Wilting Leaves 

Leaves deliver food and energy to the tree. However, if they are wilting, that means that something is wrong, and the tree could be suffering. One of the most common reasons leaves start to wilt is high humidity and heat levels. 

Heat stress affects how much water the leaves absorb and release into the root system. When it is hot, the leaves cannot release the water quickly enough, resulting in wilting. 

Yellowing Leaves 

Yellowing or chlorotic leaves can indicate that your tree is suffering from a lack of nutrients. Typically, leaves begin to yellow for a few reasons, such as: 

  • The pH level is too low in your soil. 
  • There are not enough minerals in the soil. 
  • There is not enough nitrogen in the soil.

Holes in Tree Leaves 

Generally, holes in your leaves are not a cause for concern and are due to strong winds or harmless insects. The insects are typically passing by and eating the leaves as they go. However, there are some cases where you can have an insect infestation. 

Insect infestations require special treatment of sprays or tree injections to rid the insects before they can harm the tree. 

Dead or Dying Branches 

Dead or dying branches are common in older trees, but it can also indicate that you have a sick tree. Branches showing disease or decay will not flower or have limited to no leaves. 

Depending on the state of the tree, arborists, also known as tree doctors, can inspect the tree and prune the sick branches. Removing the dead wood will give your tree a better chance of staying healthy and safe. 

Additionally, dead or dying branches can become hazardous to your home, lawn, and family. That is why it is essential to have a professional inspect and remove the limbs before it causes damage. 

Decay and Mold 

If your tree receives an excessive amount of water or is in a muddy area, it is more susceptible to decay, mold, and root rot. The presence of mold can signify that the tree is rotting inside due to too much moisture. Removing the decay as quickly as possible is crucial to prevent it from affecting the entire tree and causing it to die.

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