Why Keep Mulch Away From Tree Trunks to Avoid Damage?

Mulch is one of the best amendments for trees and plants. It provides numerous benefits to trees that help them thrive while making the space much more visually stimulating. However, adding mulch too close to the tree’s trunk can cause much more harm than good. 

So, why keep mulch away from tree trunks in Bryans Road, MD? Hernandez Complete Tree Service is here to teach you why you shouldn’t add mulch too close to a tree trunk.

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What Is Mulch?

Mulch is a gardening amendment consisting of organic matter like wood chips or straw. Proper mulching provides several advantages to trees and plants, including:

  • Helps the soil retain moisture
  • Improves soil quality
  • Diminishes weed growth
  • Prevents tree injuries during winter

However, mulching incorrectly can adversely affect a tree’s health. That’s why many Fresno residents hire a tree care professional to mulch their trees for them, ensuring a safe and effective process.

It’s vital to understand how to mulch correctly before adding it over your soil.

Reasons to Keep Mulch Away for Tree Trunks

So, why keep mulch away from tree trunks you ask? 

Again, placing mulch too close to a tree trunk can harm the tree and cause various issues and even kill the tree prematurely. Below are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t add mulch too close to a tree trunk.

Root Suffocation

Many homeowners create a “mulch volcano” around trees that end up suffocating the root flare. Volcano mulching is when a homeowner adds excessive mulch around the base of a tree, creating a volcano-like structure that covers a significant portion of the trunk. This dramatically restricts the roots’ water supply, slowly killing the tree. 

Always level your mulch and leave at least a few inches around the tree’s base to prevent moisture restriction. This ensures the water will reach the root flare, allowing the tree to grow while maintaining optimal health.

Pest Infestation and Fungus Growth

Many garden pests take refuge in mulch piles and can harm the tree over time. Fungus also tends to thrive in excessive mulch, hindering the tree’s growth and overall well-being. Having level mulch no more than three inches deep will prevent pest infestations and fungus growth, keeping the tree healthy.

Tree Rot

Proper mulching helps trees retain water and prevent them from drying out in hot, arid weather. However, adding too much around the trunk will cause the mulch to retain water and prevent it from reaching the roots (see roof suffocation above). Overly wet mulch can damage the trunk and cause it to decay at an alarming rate.

Always place mulch five inches away from the tree’s trunk to prevent root, fungi growth, and more.

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