How Long Does It Take a Tree To Grow?

Gorgeous trees can do wonders for any Brandywine property. However, many homeowners don’t understand the growing process, causing them to wonder, “How long does it take a tree to grow?” So Hernandez Complete Tree Service put together this guide to explain a tree’s developmental process and duration.

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How Long Until a Tree Reaches Maturity?

Most trees have four stages of life:

  • Seed
  • Seedling
  • Sapling
  • Maturity

Every tree starts as a seed and slowly develops into a fully mature tree. Some trees surpass their average life expectancy and have an additional growing stage arborists refer to as the ancient stage. But how long does it take a tree to grow?

Most trees reach maturity in ten to 40 years. However, numerous factors affect a tree’s growth rates, making it difficult to determine an accurate estimate.

Factors That Affect a Tree’s Growth Rate

Several elements influence a tree’s growth rate. However, the primary factors include:

  • Location
  • Climate
  • Tree species


Trees at high altitudes grow much slower than trees closer to sea level. They experience shorter growing seasons since the soil and air temperatures become much colder at higher elevations. For example, trees in warm, resilient zones can grow for six months or more per year, while a tree at high altitudes may only grow from two to three months before becoming dormant.


Most trees prefer warmer temperatures and thrive during spring and summer. The hot climate, excess sunlight, and precipitation during these seasons allow the tree to grow faster and more efficiently. 

That said, a tree’s preferred climate depends on its origins. For example, a tree native to cold, mountainous regions may not grow well in hot conditions. Conversely, tropical trees won’t grow efficiently in chilly environments at high altitudes and will likely experience stunting.


Some tree species grow much faster than others. Pine trees have a reputation for maturing incredibly fast, growing two feet per year. However, bur oak trees develop much slower and only grow 12 to 24 inches a year. 

How To Accelerate Tree Growth

Although trees will develop on their own, you can accelerate the process with a few simple maintenance tasks, which are essential aspects of caring for new trees. Let’s look at a few ways to accelerate tree growth:

  • Watering: Most trees need ten gallons of water per inch of their trunk’s diameter. Although rain will water your trees naturally, watering them manually once or twice a week during droughts will promote growth and keep the trees healthy.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilizing trees provides essential nutrients to their roots, helping them grow faster and more robust. It’s best to perform a soil test to examine its nutrient levels and apply a fertilizer containing the nutrients the soil lacks.
  • Mulching: Mulch provides numerous benefits to trees that help them grow and thrive. It insulates the soil, increases moisture retention, and even enhances their visual appeal. Applying two to three inches of mulch around the tree’s base will promote growth and diminish weed generation.

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