How To Care for Newly Planted Trees on Your Brandywine, MD, Yard

Seeing your trees grow to become big and beautiful is truly wonderful. However, for you to experience this, you will need to provide your newly planted trees with the right amount of care. Simply watering them every now and then with your garden hose won’t cut it.

Would you like to learn how to care for newly planted trees? Then you have come to the right place.

Here are a few key things you need to keep in mind when caring for your young trees.

Watering Newly Planted Trees

We all know that trees need water to survive. What you might not know is that there is a right way to water your trees. You have to pay attention to when you water them, where you water them, and how much water you use.

When To Water

Your newly planted tree will need frequent watering for it to establish strong, healthy roots. At the start, you should water your tree daily for at least two weeks after planting. After that, you can water the tree every three days for the next 12 weeks.

Where To Water

As you water your tree, apply the water directly over the tree’s root ball. You should also keep the backfill soil moist to encourage the roots’ growth.

How Much Water To Use

When learning how to care for newly planted trees, gauging how much water to use can be a challenge. Use too little and the tree could die. Use too much and you could end up drowning the roots.

The general rule is to use one gallon of water for every stem caliper. For instance, if your tree’s caliper is two inches, you should use two gallons of water every time you water it.

Add a Layer of Mulch

Mulching can be very beneficial to your young trees. Adding a layer of mulch helps regulate soil temperatures, allowing the soil to retain moisture better. Doing so also provides the tree with nutrients and protects the roots.

Just like watering, though, there is a right way to mulch. For example, you should always:

  • Keep the mulch at least six inches away from the tree’s base
  • Extend the layer to the edge of the tree’s canopy
  • Apply the mulch two to three inches deep

Applying Fertilizer

Though most trees are able to get the nutrients they need from the soil, sometimes you’ll need to lend a helping hand. However, it is important not to apply fertilizers early.

Usually, we recommend waiting at least one year before using any fertilizer. During this time, continue monitoring your tree’s development to determine what nutrients the tree is lacking.

If you notice the leaves turning yellow, it could be because your tree isn’t getting enough nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or manganese. In such a case, reaching out to a tree service contractor in Brandywine will help you determine the exact issue.

The arborist will conduct a soil test and guide you on which slow-release fertilizer to apply. They will also show you how to apply it so as not to harm the tree or the soil it grows in.

Professional Tree Care in Brandywine, MD

We all want the trees we plant to live long and healthy. While there’s a lot that threatens a tree’s longevity, providing your tree with proper care goes a long way in ensuring its survival.

Would you like to learn how to care for newly planted trees? Speak with the certified arborists we have here. From watering trees properly to offering tips on planting balled and burlapped trees, we take steps to safeguard your tree’s well-being.

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