How Much Water Does a Tree Need?  

Trees rarely get the attention they deserve when it comes to hydration. Without proper watering, many trees develop issues from either under- or over-watering.

In this post, we answer the question, “How much water does a tree need?” Work with a reliable tree service in Brandywine.  

When To Water Your Trees  

Soils can lose up to half of its water content during a summer afternoon. As such, you want to water your trees in the morning or evening to give the roots a chance to absorb most of the liquid. How often you water a tree will depend on the tree’s size, soil conditions, and weather.  

How Much Water Do Trees Need?  

Generally, trees need about 10 gallons of water per inch of tree diameter. You want to keep the soil consistently moist rather than let it dry out or allow it to stay soggy.  

Drip lines tend to work best for watering (although spray from a garden house will work as well). Unlike sprinklers or overhead watering systems, drip irrigation allows the critical root zone to take up adequate moisture while losing less water to evaporation. When setting up a drip line, ensure it extends the entire area beneath the canopy.  

Watering Newly Planted Trees  

Young trees need more hydration than their mature counterparts because they need sufficient water to establish a stable root system. Providing a young tree with enough water helps it grow strong roots while promoting stem and leaf growth.  

Failing to water a newly planted tree enough may force it to develop weak and scanty roots, experience canopy decline, and develop double tree trunks that may split from the tree later and take longer to establish.  

How much water does a tree need? For newly planted ones, start with daily irrigation for the first few weeks after tree planting and once a week after that during the growing season. You can water on a normal schedule once the roots start to grow beyond the root ball. 

Watering Mature Trees  

Mature trees typically feature already spread-out roots, so they don’t need as much attention as newly planted trees. Established trees can even make do with as little as one or two waterings a month.   

However, how much water the tree needs will usually depend on the amount of heat and rain in your region. Consider watering more often during a drought, but resist the urge to overcompensate.  

Where To Water Trees  

Look up and walk until you see the outmost leaves right up ahead of you — this is the drip line, and you’ll want to water it well. The following additional tips will also come in handy:  

  • Proper pruning helps a tree stay strong during times of drought. Leaving dying, diseased, or dead limbs on a tree compromises its health.  
  • Mulching also helps to keep the soil from drying out quickly, especially during those excessively hot and dry days. Apply mulch two to four inches deep, but pull it back six inches around the tree trunk to help conserve moisture and keep soil temperature in check.

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

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