5 Small Evergreen Trees to Consider for Your Yard

Dwarf evergreen trees are miniature trees with dense foliage, ideal for gardeners with small yards. As you might imagine, with such small stature, these trees don’t produce much fruit or flowers—but many still consider them for their ease of care and low-maintenance habits.

Let’s review five dwarf evergreen trees that are sure to please, as recommended by your trusted local tree service in Waldorf, MD:

5 Small Evergreen Trees for Your Garden

1. Dwarf Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo)

The Dwarf Mugo Pine is a slow-growing tree with a cone-shaped habit and dark green foliage. It has an upright shape with a narrow crown and grows about 10 feet tall when mature.

These small evergreen trees make a great choice for those with small yards. This tree grows to only six feet tall and three feet wide, making it perfect for planting near buildings, porches, or decks. It’s also disease resistant and drought tolerant once established, making it an excellent choice for areas receiving little rainfall throughout the year.

2. Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse)

The Hinoki Cypress is a small evergreen tree with a dense, pyramidal shape. It has bright green needles and grows up to 10 feet high. It prefers moist soil, so plant it in naturally wet areas or water regularly.

It makes a great accent plant in any garden or landscape. Its leaves turn yellow in the fall and often remain on the tree throughout winter. Hinoki cypresses are native to Japan and the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

3. Chalet Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra ‘Chalet’)

When you want a tree that will add color and interest to your yard, consider the Chalet Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine. These mall evergreen conifers have soft and dark green needles with tips that turn yellow in winter.

The Chalet Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine has many benefits: it’s drought tolerant and grows well in full sun or partial shade. As a slow grower, it won’t take up much space.

4. Blue Colorado Spruce (Picea pungens)

If you prefer a small evergreen tree that looks great in the winter and is easy to care for, look no further than the Blue Colorado Spruce. This wonderful option will add to your landscape if you want a tree with pretty blue-green needles that stay on all year round, even during winter.

This tree grows very well in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 7, which makes it ideal for northern areas in the country. You can plant this tree in full sun or partial shade and in moist, well-drained soils. It’s easy to care for and will grow quickly once planted!

5. Gold Cone Common Juniper (Juniperus communis ‘Gold Cone’)

Many find these the easiest small evergreen trees to grow, making them a great addition to any yard.

Not only do they look amazing, but they also prove extremely hardy, growing well in various climates and soil types. It will grow anywhere from two to four feet tall and wide and has beautiful bright-green foliage that turns golden yellow in the fall. You can also train this tree as a bonsai.

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